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'Festes Majors'

'The other days'

People go out and enjoy the differents events. Like the 'Cap de Dansa', 'Processó', 'Campionat de guinyot', children's festival, pool party, concerts, etc. ahh and the Ball (every night) and for the young people there is the pub where every night there is a different theme party. These day the town is alive.

The last day match with the National Day of Catalonia (11 september) and all vilagers have lunch at the river park. Then there are games for adults and childrens (for a little laugh) . During the 'festes' the 'Xaranga' (a band, very tipical) give the party's atmosphere.

'Festes Majors'

First day

Well, the 'Festes' begin with the proclamation (at 16) of the queen or 'pubilla', the other girls are 'damisel·les' (less importan) and the boys are called 'hereus'. We celebrate it in a big top where after we do the honour dance . (is when the festivites begin during 5 days )

the photos.

Me in the first and second years of the proclamation, (when you enter and when you go out).


I love the music! Whenever I can, I listen to music and I like to be informed of the news in the music world.
First I'm going to put some songs that I like (a little of everything). I think that I like all types of music, less hardcore.

Tik tok- Kesha
Elevator- Flo rida feat timbaland
What about now?- Chris Daughtry
Haven't met you yet- Michael Buble
Looking for paradise - Alejandro Sanz feat Alicia Keys
Friday night- Lili Allen
Not fair- Lili Allen
22 - Lilli Allen
Hurt - Christina Aguilera
Halo - Beyoncé
Futur en venda - Xeic!
Closer - Ne-Yo
I gotta feeling - Black eyed peas
Meet my halfway - Black Eyed`Peas
Outta here - Esmee Denters
Ignorance - Paramore
Release me - Agnes Carlsson
Right now - Akon
Una foto en blanco o negro - El canto del Loco
Evacuate the dancefloor - Cascada
Funhouse - Pink
Kamikaze - Amaral
Disturbia - Rihana
Russian roulette - Rihana
Remedy - Little Boots
Happy - Leona lewis
Quiero ser - Amaia Montero
Summercat - Billie The Vision & The dancers
Knock you down - Kanye West & Ne-yo
The fear- Lili Allen
I'm yours - Jason Mraz
Un buen castigo - Fito y fitipaldis
Low - Flo-Rida
Alone again - Gilbert o'Sulivan
They don't really care about us - Michael Jackson
Billie jean - Michael Jackson
Sex on fire- Kings of leon
El universo sobre mi- Amaral
Acabo de llegar - Fito y fitipaldis
Never leave you- Tinchy Stryder feat Amelle Berrabah
Broken strings - James Morrison & Nelly Furtado
The boys does nothing - Alesha Dixon
Fired up - Alesha Dixon
Pocker face- Lady gaga
Just dance- Lady gaga
Paparazzi - Ladu Gaga
Love game - Lady Gaga
This is the life - Amy Mcdonald
Never forget you - Noisettes
Fire burning on the dancefloor - Sean Kingston
Breathe Slow - Alesha Dixon
Terres de l'Ebre- Xeic!
Caça de bruixes - Obrint pas
Sweet disposition - The temper Trap
Bad boys - Bob marley
Red - Daniel Merriweather
Por quererte - Efecto Mariposa
I kissed a Girl - Katy Perry
We are golden - Mika
The wall - Pink Floyd
At the beginning - Richard Max & Donna Lewis
She wolf - Shakira
Give it to me - Madonna
Break you heart - taio cruz
Forever young - Alphaville
Wonderful live -
Three little birds - Bob Marley
Corren - Gossos
Ayo technology - Milow
Every breath you take - The police
Message in bottle - The police
Estopa - Cuando amenece el dia
Estopa - Como camaron
Novia a la fuga - Melendi
Un violinista en tu tejado - Melendi

[ ... ] and more.... (haha)

Moreover I like house music, electro and techno :) like this:

But all this music is not the typical sounds of our territory . For years, here in 'Terres de l'Ebre' has played 'La jota' , isn't of Catalan origin; that's bacause we are in contact with 'Aragó' (their place of origin but is now part of our identity) In Catalonia the typical dance is the 'Sardana' we know it but our dance is `La jota' and always sounds in 'Festes Majors' (festivals that each village has in honour of their virgin). In addition the girls and boys dress themselves with typical costumes. But this tradition has been lost , they only wear it during an event called 'Cap de dansa'. Even so it has been preserved in our vilage, every night of 'Festes' and almost every afternoon in the vilage's square the guys dance and all foreigns want to know how to dance, it can be funny :) .
Here, some examples of this typical dance, and I want to highlight a group well known in these lands ' Quico el Cèlio el noi i el mut de Ferreries' who plays typicals songs, like the 'Jota'.
Each vilage danced their 'JOta'. there are differents ways to dance it.


Me and Maria with the tipical costume.

People dancing in the square ( allways in circle, in our vilage)

The shoes ('espardenyes')

A couple

Dancing .

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the video

I have to say a little think... the Movie Maker is a disaster! :S Now it has ate a letter of the

title -.- .... nothing more...

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In Terres de l'Ebre, very rich territory as for nature, a large number of sceneries and ecosystems can be visited like Els Ports natural park

Around my vilage there is a mountain, which is well known here: 'Cardó'. Is famous for the monastery which was built by Carmelite monks when they discovered that in the valley there were fountains with medical water.

Well as we live in a little town, and a little bit away from big cities or huge urban, we have nature closer, above all the river, but also the field that's because almost all vilagers have any piece of land, both in the mountains to the river. Here, in the photo, are Andrea, Maria and I. we are walking along a path that is next to the river, that day we celebrated 'la menjada de la mona' on Easter, when the peolpe usually go out (in his rural house) to eat a typical sweet with the family or friends.

...or if you prefer the adventure here is it!

You can discover firsthand the flora and the fauna of the territory, making a trip in the middel of it. You can go canoe down the river enjoying the scenery, explore low earth entering the caves which are just a few kilometers from the village. or taking a walk or bike along the greenway cycling through the different regions of southern Catalonia.

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Countryside- The river

This part of Catalonia (the south) is also know as 'Terres de l'Ebre' (Ebre's lands) and that's because a river called Ebre flows across this valley and final flows into the Mediterranean sea. The river is an important part of our lives and our identity, we've grown up beside the river, and it has been a site of several events, like the Ebre's battle (La Batalla de l'Ebre). Nowadays, as you know the water is an item really necessary and people from the south of Spain thinks that our river is the answer to their problem, ok it could be if not they make a bad use of it, because we also need the river and now more than ever, because it's controlled by dams and just flows... for all those reasons the people of the Ebre's lands has struggled with the name of the river under the slogan 'lo riu és vida, no al transvassament' (the river is life, not at the transfer). ------->

Here is a link to a band who plays SKA (a type of music) and characterized by their claim of the land. Here also express their desire to defend the territory. Oh, they are called 'Xeic'. The song is entitled 'Som de les Terres de l'Ebre' (we are from Ebre's land). Moreover I like their songs.

Ebre's battle in Miravet.

Differents views of the river:

1- L'Assut de Xerta.
2- Me and Andrea on Easter when all mates decided to lunch out.
3- When the sun is down.
4- Aerial view.
5- Sunset.
6- A small boat on the river.