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Countryside- The river

This part of Catalonia (the south) is also know as 'Terres de l'Ebre' (Ebre's lands) and that's because a river called Ebre flows across this valley and final flows into the Mediterranean sea. The river is an important part of our lives and our identity, we've grown up beside the river, and it has been a site of several events, like the Ebre's battle (La Batalla de l'Ebre). Nowadays, as you know the water is an item really necessary and people from the south of Spain thinks that our river is the answer to their problem, ok it could be if not they make a bad use of it, because we also need the river and now more than ever, because it's controlled by dams and just flows... for all those reasons the people of the Ebre's lands has struggled with the name of the river under the slogan 'lo riu és vida, no al transvassament' (the river is life, not at the transfer). ------->

Here is a link to a band who plays SKA (a type of music) and characterized by their claim of the land. Here also express their desire to defend the territory. Oh, they are called 'Xeic'. The song is entitled 'Som de les Terres de l'Ebre' (we are from Ebre's land). Moreover I like their songs.

Ebre's battle in Miravet.

Differents views of the river:

1- L'Assut de Xerta.
2- Me and Andrea on Easter when all mates decided to lunch out.
3- When the sun is down.
4- Aerial view.
5- Sunset.
6- A small boat on the river.

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