divendres, 20 de novembre de 2009


In Terres de l'Ebre, very rich territory as for nature, a large number of sceneries and ecosystems can be visited like Els Ports natural park

Around my vilage there is a mountain, which is well known here: 'Cardó'. Is famous for the monastery which was built by Carmelite monks when they discovered that in the valley there were fountains with medical water.

Well as we live in a little town, and a little bit away from big cities or huge urban, we have nature closer, above all the river, but also the field that's because almost all vilagers have any piece of land, both in the mountains to the river. Here, in the photo, are Andrea, Maria and I. we are walking along a path that is next to the river, that day we celebrated 'la menjada de la mona' on Easter, when the peolpe usually go out (in his rural house) to eat a typical sweet with the family or friends.

...or if you prefer the adventure here is it!

You can discover firsthand the flora and the fauna of the territory, making a trip in the middel of it. You can go canoe down the river enjoying the scenery, explore low earth entering the caves which are just a few kilometers from the village. or taking a walk or bike along the greenway cycling through the different regions of southern Catalonia.

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